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Test Your WaterSense with these questions

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Test Your Watersense with these questions

The average family of four uses approximately how many gallons of water per day?

    Hard to believe, but the average person uses 100 gallons of water each day! That’s enough to fill 1,600 8 oz. cups!

In an average household, what wastes the most water per day?

    A leaky toilet wastes about 200 gallons of water per day! To test for toilet leaks, place a few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank; if the color shows up in the bowl without flushing, you have a leak!

Do you have an inefficient toilet?

    If your toilet is from before 1992, or earlier, you probably have an inefficient toilet that uses between 3.5 to 7 gallons per flush – that’s 60% to 80% more water than modern, efficient toilets!

Which uses less water, taking a five minute shower or taking a bath?

    A 5-minute shower uses 10-25 gallons of water while a full tub requires about 70 gallons.

How much water can you save per day by turning off the tap while brushing your teeth in the morning and at bedtime?

    The average faucet flows at a rate of two gallons per minute; by simply turning the tap off, you can save more than 100 gallons of water per person, per month.

How much of the water on earth is available for people’s everyday use?

    Less than 1%.

Which of the following do water-efficient irrigation systems use?

  1. Drip irrigation
  2. Moisture sensors
  3. Rain shut-off devices
  4. All of the above
    #4 – all of the above

How much of the water used for irrigating lawns and gardens, on average, is wasted due to over-watering and evaporation?

    50%! Water-efficient irrigation systems could save up to 11 billion gallons of water per year in the United States.

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Thank you for having the pool opened two weeks ago...based on the performance of you and others at Jayson with respect to the pool, we contacted Jayson about various internal plumbing issues and are likely to contact Jayson about installation of a standby generator.
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